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The art of Jewelry

The heart and soul are inside our jewelry.

Wearable art
The dazzling magic of color stones
make our jewelry are alive
… micro pave setting
Handicraft jewelry


Welcome to a world of fine luxury jewelry, handcrafted in Thailand as a labor of love. Each stone and setting available from Charisma Gems is a statement in style that tells a story to the world. Explore the wonderous offerings available from a luxury jewelry manufacturer Thailand, Bangkok jewelry factory that ensures that each unique piece is nothing short of exceptional, and find yourself the finest piece from our collection that you can treasure forever.

Made in Thailand

Wear the jewels of Thailand around your neck,
over your wrists, on your fingers or dangling from your ears


Thailand is home to some of the world’s most exceptional gemstones. The colors and hues available are nothing short of incredible which makes this the best possible location for a collection of luxury jewelry stores. Each of the handcrafted pieces in our luxury jewelry collection is assembled using only the finest quality gemstones so that you can wear your chosen pieces with the same pride that we have when we create them.   

Luxury fine jewelry is what we do best at Charisma Gems and we go to great lengths to ensure that every piece in our collection is nothing short of exceptional. Each of our designs is uniquely inspired by our love for creating beauty and elegance. When it comes to luxury jewelry earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and brooches make up our divine collection, giving you a complete catalog of beauty to choose from.

The Story of Us

Our company specializes in two types of products.
The first is the invisible setting, and the second is the micro pave setting.


The stunning and unique pieces that you find in our luxury jewelry store are available to more than just retail consumers. Our luxury jewelry can be purchased at a wholesale level to be retailed in jewelry stores around the world too. If you are interested in retailing our stunning luxury jewelry necklace, earring, bracelet, and brooch options can all be found in our online catalog.

Treat yourself or give the gift of beauty to your loved one with a piece of luxury jewelry from Charisma Gems. Our luxury jewelry store will provide you with a variety of options to choose from that are handcrafted and truly special. Each of our stunning pieces is rooted in tradition and is inspired by our passion for creating beautiful things. Browse our collection of luxury jewelry online today to find something that is as stylish as it is elegant to adorn yourself with.

Inspirations from Nature

Inspiration that drawn from the life of nature surrounding us.


Invisible setting and micro pave are the two unique setting styles that you will find in our luxury jewelry store. The invisible setting shows no signs of clasps and prongs in the fitting of the gemstones which allows our designs to showcase each gem to its highest potential. The micro pave style is minutely detailed by microscope so that each tiny gem appears to be held together with the magical touch that all of our luxury jewelry portrays.

We use these settings combined with the inspiration that we derive from the beautiful world around us to create luxury jewelry that is in high demand. We simply adore having the opportunity to be a luxury jewelry manufacturer that has its own unique style and the types of settings we use are what truly sets us apart from any other luxury jewelry company.


Our company specializes in two types of products.
The first is the invisible setting, and the second is the micro pave setting.

Charisma Gems