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Jewelry settings throughout history

Since the dawn of sentience, humans have decorated their bodies with shiny trinkets and made gifts of sparkling stones and crude art pieces. The jewelry world has undergone fundamental changes over the centuries, primarily in the nature of craftsmanship and revered materials. However, the basic principles remain the same, and we still gift precious objects and adornments to our loved ones as some of the first humans did 120,000 years ago. From the most straightforward setting to grip a precious stone and hold it tightly to the advent of invisible setting jewelry, times have changed even if the motivations remain the same.  

Prevalent traditional settings before the emergence of the invisible setting

The setting on a piece of jewelry is the small metal prongs or a bezel that grabs the precious stone and prevents it from falling out. Typically created from the same precious metal as the band that holds them, settings can also be made of alternative metal if a custom design requires it. In ancient times, jewelry didn’t require specific settings as stones were often smaller, but as tastes changed and gemstones grew, more practical solutions were required. Jump to today; the invisible setting is the most modern and beautiful of all jewelry settings. As avid proponents of the invisible ring and invisible necklace setting, we proudly showcase stunning gemstones at Charisma Gems using the latest invisible gem setting techniques. 

Factors that led to the development of an invisible setting

The invisible setting did not happen by chance; it was a technique first utilized in Paris in the 1920s. A jeweler named Jacques-Albert Algier developed a clever method of holding stones in place without revealing the metal prongs. A more attractive way was sought to display the shimmering beauty of the gemstones without the cumbersome sight of the setting to ruin the illusion. Algier’s stroke of genius was to create a carefully crafted metal latticework that sits beneath the precious stones, which are ‘clicked’ into place with incredible care and precision. Tolerances are minuscule when creating invisible setting jewelry, and it is crucial to be fastidious and attentive at all times, but the visual results speak for themselves.

A notable milestone in the evolution of invisible setting jewelry

The ability to cut diamonds and other precious stones with ever-greater precision was crucial in advancing the invisible gem setting. While the metal lattice that holds the invisible rings’ stones from below is the key to them not falling out, how the stones are cut to be perfectly flush with each other provides extra stability and solidity. Much as the ancient people carved giant stone blocks to sit together seamlessly, their ancestors can now do with gemstones of all kinds.

Charisma Gems’ invisible setting technique revealed

The invisible setting is a highly specialized technique that imparts a unique quality to jewelry craftsmanship. In this precise process, stones are strategically placed to sit seamlessly without the use of gold prongs. Through precise cutting, each side of an individual stone is carefully shaped to interlock flawlessly with adjacent stones. The result is a setting where no prongs are visible between the stones, creating an effect that unveils the true beauty of the gem. This technique not only showcases the brilliance of the stones but also adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to the overall design, allowing the inherent allure of the gems to take center stage.

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