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In the realm of fine jewelry and complex craftsmanship, there are specific techniques admired by jewelers worldwide. What we want to talk about today is the highly skilled technique of invisible gem setting. Perfected by few, invisible setting jewelry is renowned for enhancing aesthetics and showcasing the dedication and artistry of the jeweler. 

What is the invisible gem setting technique, and why is it so popular right now? 

The technique of Invisible gem setting involves securely placing gemstones side by side with no visible prongs or bezels holding them in place. Often, when it is done well, this incredible skill is likened to magic. This increasingly sought-after, meticulous arrangement creates a seamless and uninterrupted gemstone surface, allowing them to appear almost suspended over the piece, sparkling brilliantly. 

In recent years, you would have noticed a lot of mention of invisible earrings or invisible rings; that’s because the technique is so dazzling and complex that everybody wants a piece. Furthermore, seeing as not many jewelers can offer invisible gem settings, people want it even more. 

Understanding the process of creating an invisible gem setting 

Creating an invisible ring, invisible necklace, or even invisible earrings is a precise process that requires a high level of skill and precision. Firstly, the jeweler carves tiny grooves or seats into the metal, corresponding to the gemstone’s shape and size. When done perfectly, these grooves hold the gemstone securely in place without any visible support. However, setting the stones is a long and trying process. Each stone must be placed side by side, completely covering the metal surface to give way to a flawless, glimmering, invisible finish. This process requires years of dedication and an incredibly artistic eye to ensure a harmonious balance of perfectly aligned gemstones.

Becoming proficient in the art of invisible settings, especially for unique handmade jewelry, requires a jeweler to dedicate a minimum of 2-3 years to perfecting their skills. We exercise extreme caution in the selection and training of each jeweler, recognizing the precise nature of this craft. It is a highly specialized skill set, and those who undertake it are considered Specialist Jewelers. Our commitment to precision and careful training ensures that each artisan is capable of executing this unique and delicate workmanship with the utmost expertise.

What tools and equipment are needed to pull it off?

To truly master the art of invisible gem setting, a jeweler needs specific tools and equipment. To achieve the desired precision, the first step is knowing how to utilize a microscope. Then, the jeweler will need specific clamps to hold the metal in place when they use minuscule gravers and cutting tools to carve the grooves. Once this lengthy process is complete, they can use their usual gem-setting tools to finish the process. Additionally, jewelers who specialize in this technique also rely on a keen sense of touch and a deep understanding of each gemstone’s unique properties to ensure structural integrity in each piece of invisible setting jewelry. 

Learn more about the intricate art of the invisible setting.

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