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What is invisible setting?

Setting small stones together without a prong is really a lot like performing magic; it must seem as if nothing is there.
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The effort it takes to cut and groove every single stone so that they sit together in perfect balance.
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This is why the invisible setting technique is such a closely guarded secret. We train only our most trusted workers for many years before they are able to accomplish the invisible setting.

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To this very day, Charisma Gems remains committed to using only the finest sapphires and rubies. We emphasize the quality and clarity of the stones by emphasizing a single colour for an entire collection set. Our rubies come from areas known for high-quality gemstones like Burma. Their fire, shimmer and transparency are important indicators of quality. We insist on using rubies with a dark red sparkling quality that will reflect in your eyes. Our deep blue sapphires are imported all the way from Madagascar. We encourage clients to attempt to differentiate the quality of each sapphire in terms of colour, vibrancy and even texture. High-quality sapphires display a sweet shade of blue that can only be described as cornflower blue. The lower-quality sapphires have a greenish hue. The sapphire with a sweet blue cornflower colour grabs the attention as if attacking the eyes with vibrancy. The feel and the touch of a high-quality gem is also distinctive, and we encourage our customers to observe this phenomenon from personal experience.
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