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What is Micro Pave setting?

It minimizes any visible areas of the metal beads or prongs that hold the stones in place by microscope.
Pave Material 1
This customer was admiring the close setting of the small diamonds and the multi-colour sapphire. This is called the micro pave setting, and it minimizes any visible areas of the metal beads or prongs that hold the stones in place by microscope. The final result is a continuous sparkling effect that is hypnotic and magical. When customers ask how it’s possible for our gems to sparkle constantly, we know our job was done well. There is a B-net opened behind the work. Every hole is polished repetitively as if made of stone, which would be polished 500 times to produce the desired result. Every masterpiece requires this level of delicate, persistent attention.
Pave Material 2

Handmade Techniques, Finest Quality

Customers often wonder how something so delicate could be made by a machine, so I explain that Charisma Gems uses handmade techniques. The microscopes are only used to help the worker to set the stones perfectly. Ultimately, this is an ancient craft that relies on highly skilled jewellers. Small pieces can be completed in a few weeks; however, larger pieces might require more than a month of dedicated attention. The sapphires come in many colours, and we have to source them accurately to get the desired effect. Every colour might have over ten tones, and we examine each shade one by one to select the best colour. From light pink sapphires to deep red rubies, we colour-select the tones to get specific effects.
Pave Material 3


Gemstone Selection, Pave Setting

Diamond-cut centres with peripheral multi-colour rubies or sapphires are enhanced with the pave setting technique. Meticulous layering and artistic elements bring these products to life. Retaining the free-spirit feel of these creations evokes intense emotions. Such jewellery belongs in the category of the masterpiece.

Multi-colour gemstones are presented like a subtle, melodic theme. They are enriched by the cut of the diamond and the quality of the micro pave setting. The most sensitive customers can experience a depth of beauty and sublime artistry that is as precious as it is rare.

The continuous sparkle of the micro pave setting increases the energy of the jewellery by enabling each gem to shine without interference from tiny metal beads or prongs. The final result is a spectacular work of art meant to be worn on your body.

Pave Material 4

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