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Inspirations from Nature

My inspirations are drawn from many sources, but nature is the most significant. I often observe the movements of water, and even the irregular shapes created by ocean waves will capture my imagination. Different kinds of trees express forms within their environment, and this fascinates me. Flowers provide me with an infinite source of ideas for new designs. Their forms, textures and colour patterns influence me endlessly.

Inspirations from Nature

When customers ask what inspired me to create a particular piece of jewellery, I’m always tempted to simply answer, “life”. This one word captures the entire process from the original inspiration to the final creation.

Inspirations from Nature

For me, jewellery should embody the living energies that inspired it and gave it form. I’m happy when customers tell me how alive and natural my pieces appear.

Inspirations from World

My job allows me to travel to exhibitions all over the world. I’ve been to more than 30 different countries, and I found inspiration from so many types of flowers. During these journeys, I discovered the yellow daffodils of Europe, the red hibiscus of Hawaii, Japan’s famous cherry blossoms and the multi-colour Lotus of Thailand. Each flower possesses a fascination all its own.

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