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The micro-pave setting in jewelry manufacturing is a talent that takes time, precision, and the utmost care to perfect. As the name suggests, micro-pave involves the use of a microscope to complete the setting, ensuring that perfection is established in every tiny detail of the pave necklace or earrings with little prongs being visible.

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The beauty of an invisible setting ring or necklace is that the gems look as if they are floating magically, fused together by air. The effect of an invisible setting allows the gemstones in your jewelry to shine at their brightest, showcasing them in all of their glory. 

The technique for creating invisible rings, necklaces, and earrings is one that has been passed down through generations of our family and something that we guard very closely at Charisma Gems. We go to great lengths and provide extensive training for our most trusted team members on how we create our invisible earrings and other treasured pieces in this particular style. 

From invisible stud earrings to rings with precious gems to an invisible necklace with each tiny piece arranged precisely, we strive to offer the most incredible jewelry in our collection that features our unique invisible setting for the most beautiful finish.


A pave necklace or ring is not something that can be created by a machine. Instead, each pave ring setting, every pair of pave earrings, and that beautiful micro-pave necklace that you love so much is created in our workshop entirely by hand. 

We polish every hole in the back of setting. For Example, this piece has 100 stones which means We polish 100 times for each hole to make gems stone spark when we set micro pave technique.

The polishing process that forms part of the micro-pave technique is something that must be conducted by hand to ensure that your ruby pave ring sparkles in every way that it possibly can. The hours of meticulous work that goes into the creation of every pair of pave ruby earrings could never be replaced by the work of a machine. 

At Charisma Gems, it is our passion that drives us to excel at the invisible setting and pave setting techniques that make our pieces truly unique and special. Every pave ring setting that our jewellers create, tells a story of diligence and hard work.


The true brilliance of a sapphire pave ring can only truly be seen if our techniques have been carried out to perfection. We take great pride in producing the most beautiful micro-pave jewelry in the world that is highly sought after by jewelry lovers and collectors alike. 

Find the micro-pave sapphire ring of your dreams in our online collection of magnificently crafted jewelry. It is undoubtedly the pave setting style that helps us to create our incredible range of jewelry and will deliver you the most exquisite and exclusive sapphire micro-pave ring that you could ever dream of.

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