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The Ballerina

I grew up with a family who loved dance, especially ballet. My father would always take me to watch the graceful figures put on spectacular performances. These experiences made me appreciate the talent of all ballerinas. Their movements are extremely fluid and are filled with elegant and stunning spins and jumps.
The Ballerina 1 V2
My eyes are always drawn to the magic that they create as they dance across the stage. As I engulf myself in new masterpieces, I use the dancers’ awe-inspiring movements and parallel them to the beautiful gems and flowing style of my jewellery. In this way, everyone can dance along.
The Ballerina 3 V2
The Ballerina 2 V2
Each move is filled with joy and happiness. In this item, the dancer sways her skirt and dazzles the crowd. Thanks to the excellent quality of the rubies and sapphires, you are sure to appreciate the details in the top workmanship. As this piece sparkles for all to see, you will feel like gliding across the floor.
The Ballerina 4 V2
The Ballerina 5 V2
Thanks to the excellent quality of Rubies and Sapphires including the invisible setting technique ,we can reveal as the master piece of art.

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