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Wear the jewels of Thailand around your neck, over your wrists, on your fingers or dangling from your ears. Charisma Gems offers a line of jewellery created in Thailand’s capital. Thailand is famed throughout the global jewellery industry for its world-class goldsmiths and impeccable craftsmanship. One only has to look at the gilded architecture of Thailand’s cities, marvel at the intricacies of Bangkok’s Grand Palace or see the glistening legacy left behind by the dynasties of Thailand to see why Thai artistry is praised throughout the world.

Modern-day Bangkok is one of the jewellery-making capitals of the world. In fact, many luxury brands have laboratories and factories set up throughout this bustling, colourful city. We have been operating our jewellery factory in Bangkok since the 1977s. Founder Vichai Jiraratwattana began his career in the jewellery world after getting a job at a jewellery store as a teenager. His passion was ignited and he set out to create a luxury jewellery brand that gives every customer the chance to own a piece of art they can hold in the palm of their hand. He personally controls the selection and purchase of all of our stones, oversees production and manages quality control for each piece we create.
Each piece that you order from Charisma Gems comes to you directly from our high-end production space in Bangkok. Our workers practice jewellery-making techniques for years before they are able to master the art of our signature invisible setting and graduation micro pave setting. In fact, we require a decade’s worth of experience before we can trust our jewellery technicians to be able to carry out the delicate work of creating our world-class invisible setting and graduation micro pave setting. This is a technique that requires skill, craftsmanship, diligence and extreme patience. We are proud to consider each worker to be a member of our family and a partner in bringing sparkling beauty and impeccable designs to the world.
Charisma Gems is proud to bring our 18-karat creations to markets around the world. We are a global brand with a heart in Thailand. We serve customers in France, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Spain, the United States, India, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Brazil, China and cities throughout Africa. Our invisible setting technique ensures that every piece you receive is truly a piece of art.

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