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Craftmanship Invisible Setting

What is invisible setting?

Setting small stones together without a prong is really a lot like performing magic; it must seem as if nothing is there.

Craftmanship Invisible Setting
Craftmanship Pave Setting

What is Micro Pave setting?

It minimizes any visible areas of the metal beads or prongs that hold the stones in place by microscope.

Years of experience and a true dedication to the art form are two of the main reasons that the handmade jewelry within the Charisma Gems collection is some of the best in the world. Attention to the intricate details of every piece that is skilfully crafted in Thailand is what makes every creation from Charisma Gems so special. Celebrate the artistry that is encompassed within every piece of this unique handmade jewelry, and find yourself something you can appreciate for many years to come.

The Artisan’s Touch

Handcrafted jewelry is an inspiration in itself. The delicate features within a handmade jewellery design are what makes it unique and special for the wearer, who can proudly display a work of art on their finger or around their neck. With an artisan’s touch, the Charisma Gems handmade jewellery collection has become something to be desired and sought the world over.

Craftsmanship in Handmade Fine Jewelry

For many years, Thailand has been home to some of the most incredible jewelers and jewellery designers in the world, and the Charisma Gems collection only shows just how special handmade fine jewelry can be. From a delicate invisible setting that has been designed to showcase the true brilliance of every single gem used to a statement piece, crafted using only the finest gems found in Thailand, it is the artistry of generations of jewellery making that makes your piece so truly special.

Behind the Scenes with Artisans

The best handmade jewellery comes from artists who pour their heart and soul into their work. Stepping behind the scenes into the jeweler’s workshop at Charisma Gems, you can tell there is something different and special about every piece crafted here. For over 30 years, gem selection and unique designs have been the inspiration for founder, Vichai Jiraratwattana, who is dedicated to the production of beautiful handmade jewelry that showcases luxury and elegance.

Fine Materials in Handmade Jewelry

The secret behind the popularity of our handmade jewelry store is the quality of the materials we use to create each unique design. To produce the finest jewelry collection, one must begin with the raw materials and the selection process is no small feat. Lustre, quality, sparkle, and overall elegance are what drive the gem selection for Charisma, and the use of the highest quality metals ensures that the finished piece is nothing short of a work of art.

Inspiration and Design Philosophy

Our handmade jewellery collection is the driving force that keeps our customers returning for more of our stylish pieces. With inspiration drawn from the lively world around us and a design philosophy that ensures quality, every step of the way, there is no better place to shop for handmade jewelry than Charisma Gems. Dedicated craftsmanship ensures that your earrings, necklace, or bracelet will last you a lifetime in a style that won’t ever fade into the background. 

Visit our handmade jewelry shop in Bangkok or browse our stunning collection online today to discover the artistry behind every Charisma Gems piece.

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