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The Mask

When I visited Venice It is my dream city. It looks very classic and charming for me. In that time we went to Venice’s carnival. This carnival is one of the biggest celebration in Italy. Venice‘s carnival got its start in 1162 when town people celebrate victory over the Patriarch of Aquileia. It is an amazing. You can see everyone where the mask and dress beautifully. There are many type of mask such as bauta, moretta, gnaga, medico della pesta and ect.
The Mask 2
But would like to design our unique style of mask. I love the movement of the leaves and the trees. Then we design call the mask of forest because in the forest there is a lot of secret inside that cover you form the outside like the mask. I design many petal of leaves cover the mask and also have fruits coming out by use the briolette diamonds to interpret them.
The Mask 3
I cooperate with the artisans for several months to compose many leaves and graduated colour of yellow and green sapphire form light to dark to make the mask look lively as the one and only at “Charisma gems”.

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